Online Coaching

Voice Training Online

The technology available today is a great opportunity for both vocal coaches and people wanting to improve their voice use. The way we look at voice training it is best separated in two different skill sets. The first skill set is your ability to control the structures responsible for producing voice. The second skill set is about performance, dynamics, interpretation etc.

We focus on what we do best, training control of all muscles and structures that produce voice. We are doing that already in our studio in Amsterdam and London. But because of technology we are able to offer our profound training all over the world.


Technique Training

In our training we mostly use the Estill Model. This model can be seen as a map of the voice. We look at function. By defining all structures of the voice and their functions we can gain great control over vocal function.

Our working principle is that everyone can learn how to use their voice efficiently. Voice is masculare, meaning that we use muscles to produce voice. These muscles give us feedback. That feedback can tell us how hard a muscles is working but also where it is located. With this information you can gain control, without being depended on sound alone. With very specific and detailed exercises we let you explore your possibilities. We often say it’s pilates for the voice.

For example we look at the larynx and the true vocal folds for pitch and volume. We can control nasality by becoming aware of our soft palate and define it’s positions responsible for making the sound nasal, nasalized or oral.

Besides the exercises we can tell you exactly what is going on. This knowledge combined with the exercise gives you as singer the tools to become independent. You will know what you’re doing, and you’ll be able to train your voice without having to keep regular lessons for years on end.

How it works

Zoom – A great online training tool

For your online lesson we exclusively work with Zoom. Meaning that we don’t work with Skype or Facetime. The great benefits of working with Zoom is that we can schedule in a meeting enabling you to connect to our virtual teaching space before starting time. We’ll then join as well on the scheduled lesson time, minimizing the risk on loosing any time of your lesson.

Besides the great quality Zoom delivers, trough Zoom we can share videos with you and record the lesson itself. This will be made available to you after the lesson ends. Zoom works on both mac, windows, iPhone/iPad and android devices.

Once you have booked in a session trough our website you’ll receive a confirmation of the booking system. Within 24 hours you’ll receive a second email from us with all the required information on how to join your virtual class room.

Zoom is a two way system meaning that you can show us videos as well. A great way if you’d like some feedback on pre-recorded songs or exercises.

As you can see we have our bases covered. The only thing you need to have is a stable internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you have any questions please do contact us.